Discover Berovo Lake Beauties

Discover Berovo Lake Beauties

On the most eastern part of Macedonia, on the Maleshevski Mountains, lying in a cradle of thick oak forest, on just two kilometres from the city of Berovo there ia a very nice artificial lake, the Berovo Lake. As a hidden pearl in the forests, its environment offers couple of hoteliers’ capacities. The excellent climate and position, in the clean and untouched nature on a sea altitude of 1000m, especially in the summer period when the temperature is over 40 C, Berovo and the Berovo Lake are an exceptional getaway for holidays and resting place away from the summer heat. Due to the high concentration of oxygen, many visitors do not just come here to fill their batteries, but also for rehab. We shall also mention some wonderful terrains for picnics, as well as possibilities for recreation, sport, fishing, cycling, hiking and kayaking. Aurora Resort

These regions have always been known for the production of traditional and authentic dairy products, and the best white cheese in Macedonia is exactly the Berovo Lake. Then follows the natural and homemade cream, Macedonian specialty – cheese with peppers, served with traditional Macedonian kachamak or polenta. The local specialty contains some ribs as well, and the Berovo cake which will leave you breathless has in its ingredients more than 50% walnuts and forest strawberries jam. The Berovo region is also known for the production of eco-products, and the potato of this area is the tastiest on the Balkans.

Aurora Resort, near to Berovo Lake

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