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Visit Dojran Lake, Macedonia

Visit Dojran Lake, Macedonia

The south-eastern part of Macedonia, on a surface of 43.1km2 and maximum depth of 10m, offers you the Dojran Lake, the smallest tectonic lake in this country which also represents a relic reminiscent of the ancient Peonsko Lake. Its geographical position, the openness towards the south and the Aegean Sea, enable the Mediterranean climate all year round. For 120 days in the year, the air temperature in this area is 26 C, which makes the lake nice for swimming for 5 months during the year, starting from May to October.

This Dojran’s Mediterranean climate together with the fruitful soil is very good for producing organic pomegranates, figs, almonds, diverse vegetables and high types of grapes. Dojran is also famous for the well-known olives. Do not leave Dojran without tasting fish cooked in a Dojran way, especially the Dojran carp.

There is no citizen in Macedonia and the neighborhood who has not heard of the natural phenomenon – the blooming of the algae in the lake in August and their natural and healing power. First of all, one should know that the colour of the lake’s water is green and vague due to the richness of endemic species that live in the Dojran Lake, and enable you to breathe iodine. As you enter in the waters of the lake, your feet sink into sludge and as you go out of the lake, do not forget to put some mud that is to be found on the beaches, also incredibly healing and more quality according to the presence of minerals from the mud in the black Sea, which is used for therapeutic treatments.

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