Kozjak Lake and Jasen Nature Reserve

Kozjak Lake and Jasen Nature Reserve

Situated in an obnoxiously colourful region, between the Suva Gora Mountain on the west and the natural reservoir “Jasen” on the east, on an ideal altitude of 300m, the visitors can see the biggest artificial lake in Macedonia, Kozjak. It is surrounded by many numerous hills and valleys which give special beauty throughout the year, and the waters of the Treska River, which serve as a water filler, are one of the cleanest on the Balkans. The lake is on 35km distance from the capital city Skopje, and due to its specific terrain, they also call it the Macedonian Grand Canyon. The Lake is formed in 2004.

From Skopje to Kozjak there is a half-an-hour drive. In the recent years, it is one of the most attractive destinations for cycling tours, so if you hit for Kozjak, it is more expected to come across cyclists than cars. On the road Skopje-Kozjak, we recommend you to take a break in the village Breznica, a place where time seems to have stopped and a place where you may see lots of typically built Macedonian houses.

If you visit Kozjak in the summer months, do not miss the opportunity to cool yourselves in its clean waters.

Reservoir Jasen

On the slopes of the surrounding mountains amongst which lies the lake, there is a famous hunting area and the reservoir Jasen, which used to be closed for the ordinary citizens and only the political elite had the privilege to enjoy its beauties. In the hunting area there are many types of wild animals, including wild goats, pigs, deer as well as many types of birds. The bear and the wolf are not excluded. The flora and fauna on this region are literally untouched by mankind.

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