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Lake Prespa Macedonia

Lake Prespa Macedonia

In the Prespa Valley, there are two lakes: The Small and the Big Prespa Lake. The Big Prespa Lake’s waters are on the borders of the Macedonia, Albanian and Greek territory. The Small Prespa Lake is on Greek territory.

The Big Prespa Lake is enlisted among the cleanest lakes in the world and it is in the south-western part of the country, at the distance of 10 km from the Ohrid Lake. Ohrid and Prespa are also known as the twin lakes because they are at the same time separated and connected with the majestic mountain Galicica, whose peak offers a spectacular view towards the two biggest and most beautiful natural, Macedonian lakes. The Prespa Lake through underground channels flows into the Ohrid Lake and it represents its greatest hydrological source. These two lakes belong among the five oldest lakes in the world.

Anyway, Prespa compared to Ohrid, seems as if it troubles the contemporary way of life. Despite the Prespa Lake, the tourists also come to seek for some true peace and quiet, far from the parties, traffic jams, hustle and bustle, willing to enjoy the nature. Prespa is characterised with Mediterranean climate, warm summers with cool nights and mild winters. The air is considered to be a real clime therapy which cures asthma and heart diseases. From the ecological point of view, the region of Prespa is one of the cleanest parts in Macedonia.

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