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Matka Canyon and Vrelo Cave, Macedonia

Matka Canyon and Vrelo Cave, Macedonia

Less than 20 km southwest of the capital of Macedonia, along the valley of the Treska River, hides a mysterious world of high cliffs, wonderful caves, 77 endemic species of butterflies, white headed eagles and other rare animal and plant species. The Matka Canyon together with the lake is among the ten most beautiful canyons in Europe that are easily accessible for adventurers. Due to the special features of the terrain and the difficult accessibility which meant greater security in the past, a large number of churches and monasteries were built in the Matka Canyon; their existence is an embodiment of cultural and historical monuments. Therefore, the Matka Canyon is also called small Mount Athos (Sveta Gora).

Vrelo Cave

The Vrelo Cave is located in the Canyon Matka, on the right side of the Treska River, and is a system of two (overwater and underwater) caves. The underwater Vrelo Cave is considered to be one of the deepest in Europe and the world, with a depth of 212 meters, being a candidate for the selection of a new world miracle of nature. The ceiling of the overwater Vrelo Cave, is a real "rain" of stalactites. In the depth of the cave there are two lakes, Small and Big Lake. The presence of stalactites in the water leads to the conclusion that there was no water in the cave in the past, but that it was created after the construction of the Matka accumulation in 1936. The Vrelo Cave is reached by an organized boat transport that lasts about 30 minutes. The boat stops on a specially made platform, and then you can go on foot to the entrance of the cave.

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