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Mavrovo Lake

Mavrovo Lake

At an altitude of 1200 meters, the Mavrovo Lake is situated in the heart of the Mavrovo National Park, enchanting with its beauty and perfectly fitting into the mosaic of the landscapes of this national park in the northwestern part of Macedonia. Above the lake, high deciduous and coniferous trees rise from everywhere, posing their reflection in the clear and cold lake water. To the south over the lake stretches the Bistra Mountain and to the north - Shar Mountain. Mavrovo Lake is 10 km in length and 5 to 3 km in width. The largest depth is 50 meters. The lake is stocked with trout, and its surroundings are rich in game species diversity. Mavrovo is a real challenge for every nature lover. The green hues of Bistra, the sharp air, the silence, the lake shore, the water, all of the above is a sufficient incentive to visit Mavrovo and enjoy its surroundings.

The Church of St. Nikola in The Mavrovo Lake

There are many places from where you can have an impeccable view of the Mavrovo Lake. Yet, the thing that will impress you the most and leave you breathless is the submerged church in the lake itself. Only a small part of the roof and the bell tower stick out from the lake. This church is one of the most spectacular sights in this region worth seeing. The church "Saint Nikola" in Mavrovo was built in 1850 and had been in excellent condition for 103 years, when it was decided that the site needs an artificial lake to power the power plant. At the time when the Mavrovo Lake was created, many buildings from the old villages that were located there, sank and the water destroyed them. However, this church mysteriously rises again. The submerged church in Mavrovo Lake is the first on the list of the most beautiful "abandoned" churches in the world, according to the renowned world media "Huffington Post".

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