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Paragliding in Macedonia

Paragliding in Macedonia

Before we say anything about paragliding in Macedonia, one should meet the terrain and the landscape which is offered in this sublime land. Macedonia is a mountain country with almost 40 mountains out of which 12 are higher than 2000 m. No country in Europe has such a number of massive mountain ranges in terms of their area.
All these mountains consist of around 260 interesting and noticeable peaks, out of which 85 are over 2000 m height. And, as you may already know, you are on the most attractive place in the world of paragliding: fascinating slopes, untouched nature and landscapes on height that take your breath away. Are you longing for adventure and adrenalin? Welcome!

Thanks to the Aeronautical Federation of Macedonia, our country hosts great competitions that place it on the map of the most wanted destinations for sports people and admirers of the free flying and paragliding in Europe and the world. This represents a wonderful opportunity for promotion of our country not just as a tourist destination, but also as a place with brilliant conditions for free flying, especially organizing competitions.

The unique weather conditions, the mountain reefs and the wide valleys provide positioning of challenging and long tasks on the tracks. The popularity of Galicica, which offers a spectacular terrain and view of the Ohrid and Prespa Lake from the heights never to be forgotten, then the flights over the Mavrovo National Park from the highest peak in Macedonia – Korab (2753m), the more attractive “flying” from the mountain overlooking the capita – Vodno, the readiness of the paragliding clubs from Skopje and Prilep, won’t leave you indifferent. And, of course, Krushevo, which becomes more and more popular place for paragliding, was a host of some competitions from global rank, such as:

European Cup Accuracy Landing
World Cup Accuracy Landing
Nordic Open (state competition in Finland, Sweden and Norway)
World Cup Accuracy Landing
Pre-World Cup Ukraine & Macedonia Open
Pre-World Cup Ukraine Open
Pre-World Cup Ukraine Open
Slovenian & Croatian Open
Czech Open
Ukrainian & Polish Open
Paragliding World Cup Macedonia
Ukrainian & Russian Open - high rank.

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