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Kayak and Rock-Climbing at Matka Canyon or Demir Kapija

Kayak and Rock-Climbing at Matka Canyon or Demir Kapija

The Canyon Matka together with the lake represents one of the ten most beautiful canyons in Europe which are easily accessible for adventurers and simultaneously it offers great space for alpinism, for beginners and experienced rock climbers, and also excellent calm yet fast waters for kayaking. The Canyon is located 20 km south-west from Skopje where the River Treska has deeply carved its rocks up to the entry on the smaragdus lake Matka. Here, on the cost of the Lake, you may rent a kayak and sail on the upper route and the peaceful waters of Treska, and as far as the Vrelo Cave. Should you decide to kayak through Vodno to Vrelo, do not miss the opportunity to visit the deepest cave in the world (212 m), which is a candidate for the latest world natural miracle. If you are more experience with the paddles, take the longer route of the river, under the dam, and in direct hit with the fast goers.

The Canyon Matka is also a magnet for alpinists. It offers a couple of climbing terrains and you may almost always find experienced lead climbers here. If you are not ready to climb the rocky “walls”, you may enjoy looking at the real professionals in alpinism from the lake’s deck.

Also, Demir Kapija Gorge is one of the best spots in the world for rock climbing activities. It is a place of choice for the professional rock climbers from around the world. However it is a perfect place also for beginners or enthusiasts. In cooperation with the local expert who supplies the necessary equipment offer you this adrenaline rushing experience.

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