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Bohemian Street (Debar Maalo)

Bohemian Street (Debar Maalo)

The cult Bohemian street is located in the very center of the city, in Debar Maalo - one of the oldest Skopje neighborhoods. It is a pedestrian zone where the one can enjoy a different beauty, a bohemian one, in an old urban setting, where the spirit of freedom of Skopje, seasoned with good wine and urban traditional folk music, always finds its place for socializing, exchanging thoughts, art and simply – enjoying life. The Bohemian Street is a place where you can best relax after a hard day in the numerous cafes and inns. And the tavern owners and artists you will find there, always have something extra to offer, whether it's a great food menu and even better wine or beer, or great music, poems, poetry…

Everyone is welcome in this famous street, with low-rise residential buildings, houses with courtyards and guest houses, scattered along the old cobblestone paved street with a total area of 2,000 square meters. Whether you're thirsty or hungry, or just eager for company or good fun, the Bohemian Street has something to offer at anytime.


Gurmet Restaurant, near to Bohemian Street

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