Tikves Winery, North Macedonia


We pick every grape on our vineyards by hand. Grape by grape.
The premium quality of the wines and the awards and prizes from the most prestigious wine competitions and authorities in the world are paving the way for “Tikveš” to the very elite of the world wine industry. Behind each of these successes stand our continuous investments in knowledge and technology, but also our people, passionately committed to the adventure of creating wine.
As the largest, but also one of the most modern wineries in South-Eastern Europe, we have consciously taken a leading role in the wine industry in the region, on the way of worldwide recognition of our wines.
Here we have wines with greater freshness and mineralogy, with more intense aromas that are fruit-forward in character. There is a general trend to plant European wine varieties, but we at Tikveš Winery have embarked on a new course to recreate the Macedonian wine story, through its history. We explore the old vineyards to discover wines that cannot be created anywhere else in the world.

The Team of Tikveš Winery is the perfect blend of wisdom and youth, experience and enthusiasm, great knowledge and continuous eagerness for learning, talent and desire for constant improvement…
What connects us and what is common for all people of Tikveš is the belief that the success of Tikveš is also an individual success and something that each of us is particularly proud of.
In the period at the end of XIX and the beginning of the XX century, the region of Southeast Europe was swirling in intensive political and social and economic changes. Some of these changes started to awaken the entrepreneurship spirit of individuals and distinguished families in the Tikvesh wine region, who saw the potential for development and commerce it offered, and they started to establish wineries producing quality wines in bottles clearly labeling the geographic origin of the wine. This was the first time the centuries long tradition was given a name which generically connected with the region of origin, i.e… “Tikvesh”. The first time “Tikvesh” was mentioned in a written document was exactly in this period, to be more exact, the year 1885, which is considered the year when organized production and sales of wine first started in Macedonia.

Visit Tikves Winery – https://tikves.com.mk/

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 12 reviews
 by Anonymous

T'ga Sa Jug, very good wine. I love it!

 by Anonymous

There was e great selection of good wines.

 by Anonymous

Great location, top food and wine list, very polite, professional staff.

Thanks 🙂

 by Anonymous

Great winery. Enjoyed every moment of my visit.

 by Anonymous

Great wines, excellent food and beautiful Nature...

 by Anonymous

A great place to grab a glass or two (or more) of wine :))

Good domestic wines, Alexandria white was exellente! Staff is friendly, knowledgeable and can offer some great recommendations.

 by Anonymous

Ovo mesto nam je preporučila porodica iz Macedonije i tako mi je drago što smo otišli ​​ovde. Odlična usluga i hrana. Vrlo dobar izbor vina, opuštena atmosfera.

 by Anonymous

Went for lunch with my daughter, and it was awesome. The service, food and wines were amazing. I would definitely recommend and will be back on a future visit Macedonia.

 by Anonymous

Well educated waiters, nice food, excellent domestic wines.


 by Anonymous

Beautiful nature, affordable prices, big food portions, helpful staff, delicious for wine lovers 🙂

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