Neuromedica is the first private medical brand in Republic of Macedonia. It is in this branch for more than 27 years. The provided health protection is on primary, secondary and tertiary health level with accent on the modern diagnostic medical apparatus as well as the complete 24 hour medical service including home visit and sanitation by our medical teams.

Our goal is to provide all patients with complete and impeccable care.

Through continuous investment and improvement of the work process Neuromedica Hospital contributes to the improvement of the quality of medical services offered.

The eminent professors, specialists and proven doctors in their fields are part of the highly qualified staff of Neuromedica Hospital who perform all the necessary examinations and consultations, from blood tests, examinations and tests using the most modern diagnostic center to the modern surgical operations halls.

In the Neuromedica Hospital recently has begun with work the Department of Surgery where all surgical interventions are performed, from the simplest to the most complex, thanks to an experienced surgical team.

The extensive experience of top surgeons and top professional medical team guarantees impeccable surgical and post-operative treatment of patients. The latest state-of-the-art medical equipment that is the latest advancement in the medical world is just one more proof of the dedication of Neuromedica Hospital in taking care of its patients. It all leads to top healthcare at Neuromedica Hospital which has been health partner for 27 years.

At Neuromedica Hospital, in addition to regular surgical treatments such as general, abdominal and orthopedic surgery, plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery is performed by surgeons from Macedonia and from the region as Turkey and Slovenia, surgeons recognized in the world of medicine.

All interventions are performed in excellent-equipped halls with state-of-the-art equipment and instruments, in aseptic conditions, while using state-of-the-art sterilization and disinfection equipment to provide optimal protection against infections to patients and healthcare professionals.

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The activity of Neuromedica in the field of Policlinic and Diagnostic services is spread in two locations in Skopje (Centar and Vlae), Polyclinic and Diagnostic Centre in Bitola, Polyclinic and Diagnostic Centre in Kumanovo and Diagnostic Centre in Kilkis, Greece. These locations also include general practice medical offices as well as specialist services in all areas.

Neuromedica is proud with its 150 full time employees as highly skilled medical personnel (Surgeons, General Practitioners, Specialists and Nurses) and Management Team.

Neuromedica Hospital provides health protection services for patients 24 hours a day. The medical home visit services as well as the medical transport are provided from General Practitioners and Senior Specialists from all medical branches, with the help of the specially equipped ambulance vehicles. The vehicles are equipped for medical transport of severe cases in foreign countries.

Specific for Neuromedica Hospital is an encircled and complete diagnosis and therapy process, the only of the kind in Macedonia, represented with:

• The best neurology center in the region (with top class neuroglist, neuro-radiologist, orthopedic surgeon, physiatrist, psychiatrist and psychologist)
• Best Diagnostic center in the region with the most sophisticated medical equipment
• Epilepsy Centre (Epileptologist, EEG, CT, NMR)
• Breast Disease Centre (Surgeon, Echography, Mammography, Cytodiagnosis)
• Spine Disease Centre (Orthopedist, Surgeon, Neurologist, RTG, CT, NMR, Physical Therapy)
• General Surgery team in the region (with the well-known general surgeons, experts in their fields with more than 25 years of experience)
• Lead center in the region for Labor medicine (specialized in medical certificates for employment abroad and cruise ship employment)
• 24/7 Medical care and Medical Transport for patients in foreign countries

Phone: +389 2 313 33 13
Viber/WhatsApp GSM: +389 75 402 000

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