Vero (Jambo) Center

Vero Jambo Shopping Center

At over 40,000 square meters, the VERO Center is one of the biggest shopping centers in Macedonia. We give our customers the opportunity to buy products from well-known brands they were used to seeing only when shopping in Greece, such as those at Jumbo, New Yorker, Intersport, B-Watch, Anhoch, and others. The VERO Center also features many Macedonian companies, so that customers can get the best of both worlds.

Visitors to the VERO Center will appreciate its open floor plan and the emphasis on abundant natural lighting. Another new, customer-friendly feature is the availability of covered parking on the ground level, in addition to the ample underground parking.

Inside the shopping center, customers can browse more than 45 specialty shops. The center also offers 19 lifts, 12 escalators, and multiple conveyor belts shoppers can use even with their shopping carts. To promote a safe environment, 96 security cameras ensure that visitors feel protected.

The first floor of the VERO Center features the VERO supermarket. The largest in Macedonia, it covers an area of 4,700 m2 and has 20 checkout lanes. Customers are offered over 10,000 products, cooked food and fresh meat and fish at any time, as well as the opportunity to watch as bread is made in the glassed-off bakery.

Opposite the market is the large, two-floor Jumbo toy store, as well as the New Yorker outlet.

The second floor features a grand atrium, which overhangs the supermarket like a terrace. There is a 300 m2 playground, a Kinosens 7D cinema, and 10 shops for clothes, shoes, accessories, and watches. There is also a dry cleaners, a hair salon, pizza restaurants, several cafes, and a restaurant where Greek gyro is prepared.

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