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Kozuf Mountain

Kozuf Mountain

It is on the south part of our country, along the borders with Greece. Kozuf is 200 km distance from Skopje, 120km from Thessaloniki and 20km from Gevgelija.

To get to the inner and highest parts of the mountains as well as the ski centre “Kozuf”, there is a narrow, yet nice, road, which in the winter time is a bit difficult for driving due to the snow and requires careful driving. The highest peak is Zelenbeg, 2166 m, but in Kozuf there are 7 other peaks higher than 2000 metres, rounded, accessible and easy to climb. There is a special view when one is up there, especially towards the Greek territory, and when the weather is clean and sunny, one may even see part of the Thessaloniki bay.

Kozuf’s climate is specific due to the Mediterranean influence from the south and the mild-continental climate from the north. The mountain reef itself provides extreme weather changes, sometimes in half an hour time, so the weather can be truly surprising sometimes.

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