National Park Galicica

National Park Galicica

The exquisite natural beauty, as well as the specific world of animals and plants in the forests of the Mountain Galicica, the greater area of this mountain it protected as a National Park. Galicica, which is on the south-western part of Macedonia, is characteristic due to the position it is taking, on the border between two of the biggest natural and beautiful lakes, not just in the country, but taken in world realms – The Ohrid and Prespa lakes.

The highest peak is Magaro, 2255 metres. The landscape is specific with valleys and steep downhills towards the two lakes. Such terrains, near the two lakes, provide long and lovely views for every tourist.

National Park Galicica covers the mountain Galicica together with its coast of the Ohrid and Prespa lakes and is under UNESCO protection. It is especially attractive in the part of the mountain where one may see the two lakes at the same time. This National Park is the home to thousands of different species of plants and endemic forms which can only be seen here, and there are 26 registered endemic species in total.

Tourism, recreation, sport and adrenaline

The Park Galicica can be used for jogging and long walks on the recreational paths, which are in a great number. The high and steep downhills are a wonderful place for alpinism. Those beneath the peak Magaro, which is 760 metres high, is quite a challenge for conquering, while those under Titov Vrv and Tuglajsh, 180 metres high, are pleasant for beginners in alpinism. There is a route cutting this park, the tour is for the cycling event that takes place every year, “Tour de Galicica”. This park is perfect for the adrenaline lovers, especially the mountain peaks which are excellent for paragliding. The caves in this national park are used just by speleologists, although there are also possibilities for speleological tourist activities. The winter-sport activities are held in the complex Suvo Pole, beneath the peak Tomoros (1675 m), i.e., the complex Oteshevo.

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